Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 7 part 2, Hantsport to the famous Grape Stomp

Picking up where I left off yesterday...

Falmouth from Bog Road to St Famille Winery (where we paused but didn't go in yet)

The side-trip to Castle Frederick. A small splinter group turned off partway through and went somewhere else instead. But heck, we're flexible...

Return from Castle Frederick to the Winery, with a whimsical look at a grassy floorplan of the old Globe Theatre, London. This time we did go into the Winery for the party, and a fine time was had, with much sampling of darn near everything. Eventually our Stomp team got up to smush some grapes.

The first part of the return trip: Winery to Highway 1, at which point I split off from the group and headed home. If my bike seemed to want to wander over the road a bit, I swear it was an inner-ear balance issue caused by residual effect of the band's volume. Although I was forcibly reminded when I started up the climb to Ardoise from Newport Corner, that there is nothing like a tad of red wine to turn the thighs to rubber. So it was a long, slow crawl to home.

From an earlier ride I did this year, Falmouth to Hantsport staying on Highway 1 via Mount Denson.


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