Monday, June 11, 2007

9 Jun: the Alden Nowlan Commemorative Ride

Well, that was an interesting day all around. Enjoyable poetry reading, a few new roads, a bit of make-up-the-route on the fly...

Some statistics of the ride:
-distance 53.1km (50.2km for the Hwy 14 return group)
-average speed 19.3 (not counting stops!) to 14.2 depending on the rider
-Maximum: a few riders clocked over 70kph going down the hill to River Herbert on Hwy 202
-Total riding time 2hours 53minutes to approx. 3hours 45min depending on the rider
-Total time stopped 3hours 35 minutes to approx. 2hours 43min depending on the rider (lunch&poetry 45min, icecream reward before THE hill 25min)
-Time climbing 1H26min = 50% = 20.52km; Total Ascent 678m (215m before lunch)
-number of slopes (what the computer considers signigicant ascents):5
-Time descending 49min = 28% = 22.3km
-One would be forgiven for assuming the Total Descent would be the same as the Total Ascent, but no!, the computer says it was 691m... watch that first step getting into your cars!!
-Minumum altitude 3m, maximum 141m, average 53m.
-I burned off about 1340 kcalories, with 19,700 heartbeats but both those numbers will vary widely from one rider to another.

Okay, now let's look at those profiles. Data was recorded at 15-second intervals. Note the x-axis scale is different for each graph!

For the entire ride

Brooklyn to the Kennetcook River crossing. Ascent this segment 116m.

Along the North River Road to Stanley. I was expecting a flatter go here! Ascent this segment 96m.

After lunch, from the monument to Clarksville. Ascent this segment 50m.

Clarksville to just down the hill from Centre Rawdon. Ascent this segment 113m. Most elected to continue with back roads despite the River Herbert valley (a vote that surprised me), while a few opted for a flatter and slightly shorter return along the busier Hwy 14.

A couple of km before the valley we found a place to stock up on icecream (the point at which the verticle dashed cursor sits. Ascent this segment 142m.

That was so much fun that it's worth another look, with "Time" as the x-axis, and also showing my speed. Unlike some, I tend to brake for downhill corners - I'm not a great bikehandler, and lack nerve for the downhills; I prefer the slow drag uphill...

After the hard work, a fairly rapid descent through quiet and picturesque countryside to the Meander River at Smiley's Park. Ascent this segment 79m.

And the final run to Brooklyn along the backroads. Ascent this segment 85m.

This graph shows the profile ridden by the secondary group along Hwy14 from Centre Rawdon to Brooklyn, recorded when I rode it a few days earlier. Ascent this segment 125m.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the trouble. I enjoyed looking at the graphs. No wonder I found it more difficult to get my bike on the car after the ride. I thought I was just tired, I didn't realize I had to lift it an extra 13m to get it on the car (:>)
-- Gary --

Thu Jun 14, 11:28:00 AM  

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