Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 24: from the Lookoff over Canning, to a beach near Harbourville

An excellent day's outing despite initially chilly weather which managed to stay mostly dry, and which warmed up after lunch... it must have been all the heat from the wood Wayne carted along for the weiner-roast fire that turned the weather! Our weather-guru had arranged for the brisk breeze to be from the north-west, which made sure we worked up an appetite on the way out, and helped us climb back up and get to the cars afterwards. So despite the additional climbing on the homeward leg the elapsed riding time was fairly equal.

For this ride I was on my fat-tired mountain bike due to the warning of dirt/gravel roads. This meant that my usual instrumentation was absent, and the only data recorded was pulse and altitude; no distance or velocity information. So all the graphs are altitude vs time, which accentuates down-slopes and stretches up-slopes.

Some statistics:

- distance about 76km

- average speed 15.2kph

-total riding time about 4hr 45min to 5 hours. (I had forgotten to make data marks to denote the stops, and without speed data it was hard to tell sometimes when we were stopped or when we were riding on a level section of road.)

-total time stopped: 1hr 53min (lunch 1hr 15min)

-Time climbing: 1hr 59min = 42% of the time; Total ascent 731m.

-number of slopes (what the computer considers significant ascents): 4.

- Time descending: 1hr 26min = 30%

-Total descent: 750m

- Minimum and maximum altitudes: well, I forgot to calibrate the altimeter before the ride, so the actual altitude on the graphs is incorrect by about 20-25m. So minimum is about 10m, max about 220m.

- Calories expended by me: about 2250Kcal. Yeah, about half of what I inhaled as deserts, at lunch...

And now the graphs:

The entire ride.

Along the top of the mountain. This section involved about 200m of ascents and descents.

The descent off the mountain eventually to the beach for lunch. 68m of ascent in this section, 264m of descent.

After lunch, time to haul our overfed stomachs back up the hill. 255m of ascent, 58m of descent.

And then the seemingly long slog along the crest back to the lookout with the tailwind. 212m of ascending short sharp nasty bumps, 225 of descending.


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