Friday, March 07, 2008

Some Thoughts on Recreational Cycling

(Introductory material to the next couple of blog posts to start off 2008.)

Okay, I admit it, I used to be a bike racer. But that was many years ago, so don't hold my youthful antics against me. I hope that doesn't put too bad a taste in your mouth or drive you away from reading through this stuff... Then for many years I didn't even ride my bike at all. Got back into it (a long story which I'll save for a bottled evening) in the fall of 2002, and didn't it hurt! the first 5 km darn near kilt me, and me not even a Scot! Anyways, discovered how much I still enjoyed it and so have been spending more and more time each year on the thing(s: I have accumulated a few new steeds to complement my faithful old Banani).

So, for a few years I just rode around by myself, chalking up the km's and getting fitter. Then did some internet browsing and came across the Centennial Cycling Club website, and eventually managed to marry our schedules so as to attend a ride or two in late '06, and a number of rides in '07.

The impetus for this particular family or set of blog blurbs (this plus the next 2 below and maybe the odd other bit later) is some thinking that cycling with a recreational club has set me off on, plus having come to realize that I myself have been going about building my cycling fitness ineffeciently (some might say "all wrong" and I might tend to agree, but I have been getting more capable over the past few years, just probably not with the progress that I could have been making). I'm not sure how organized this set of blurbs will be, I seem to have lost my former knack for linear logic in writing, but stick with me and you may find something you might want to make use of... well, truthfully I am pretty sure this isn't very well organized at all.

Warning! I do talk about efficiency on the bike, which to many recreational cyclists may seem pointless. But really, think about it-- a bit of extra efficiency on the bike tour may mean a bit more distance covered each day, or a fresher start the next day (whether back on the bike or off to work), or less fatigue allowing more enjoyment of scenery and ride (and bedroom).

And another wee caution, I am writing about stuff that I am not an expert in, just a "user". In the interests of simplicity/clarity and approachability I do leave things out and summarize. There is no attempt deliberately to mislead, and if I do mislead anyone with this I do apologize! Further reading of the real experts is encouraged of course.

Last, before wading into the meat of it all, I encourage use of the the "Comments" facility of the blog when you have comments which may be pertinent to other readers of the material.



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