Thursday, October 12, 2006

October 7 part 2, Hantsport to the famous Grape Stomp

Picking up where I left off yesterday...

Falmouth from Bog Road to St Famille Winery (where we paused but didn't go in yet)

The side-trip to Castle Frederick. A small splinter group turned off partway through and went somewhere else instead. But heck, we're flexible...

Return from Castle Frederick to the Winery, with a whimsical look at a grassy floorplan of the old Globe Theatre, London. This time we did go into the Winery for the party, and a fine time was had, with much sampling of darn near everything. Eventually our Stomp team got up to smush some grapes.

The first part of the return trip: Winery to Highway 1, at which point I split off from the group and headed home. If my bike seemed to want to wander over the road a bit, I swear it was an inner-ear balance issue caused by residual effect of the band's volume. Although I was forcibly reminded when I started up the climb to Ardoise from Newport Corner, that there is nothing like a tad of red wine to turn the thighs to rubber. So it was a long, slow crawl to home.

From an earlier ride I did this year, Falmouth to Hantsport staying on Highway 1 via Mount Denson.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

October 7, Hantsport to the famous Grape Stomp

First let me cast a bit of perspective on the elevation profiles I'm posting. The object is definitely not to scare off any riders; rather it's to allow you to realize what the ride that you accomplished was like, which should allow you to try more daunting rides with more confidence. Well, that's the theory anyways.

Also note that not all sets or graphs within a set are necessarily to the same scale. And in all cases the vertical scale is exagerated. If you have a really wide computer screen you could open a graph with a graphics program and stretch the distance scale so that 1 km was the same size on the screen as 1000 metres on the vertical scale and that would show the real slope of the road...

And now on with the show....

The profiles for this ride are a bit scatterbrained, because I rode out from home and didn't meet up with the group until after everyone else had climbed the first hill out of Hantsport. I also turned right at Highway 1 on the return trip, in order to get home before sunset and so missed the ride to and through Mt Denson. But I had ridden both those roads earlier in the summer, and have extracted those parts of the trips for this weblog. Scales are a bit different than for the main part of the trip.

So, first the climb up from Hantsport. The section after km 1.5 (the very top of the climb) overlaps with the next section.

Here, the whole of the ride that I attended. Have a look at the little table below the graph; it shows the % of the ride spent climbing, descending, or on level-ish roads. The next few graphs are expanded-scale sections of this one.

The Bog Road segment.

I'm going to have to continue this tomorrow; the software isn't letting me add any more graphs here!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More from 30 September

Here's some of Gary's photos from the Newport Landing lunch. Some heavy strategizing for the Grape Stomp in progress here! And a very picturesque place for it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

September 30, Windsor to Mantua and the Newport Landing Loop

A fine clear autumn day eventually, a bit cool at the start but warming nicely by the time we reached Newport Landing for lunch. Modest Tailwind after lunch, good planning! The first graph shows the elevation profile of the entire route, then there are several expanded scale graphs of each 10km segment. Total climbing on this route was 508 metres; a couple of the post-prandial rollers were at a gradient of 10% at their steepest sections, which made for some fast downhills but slow uphills.

km 0-10

km 10-20

km 20-30

km 30-40

km 37 to the end